About Us

Ocean Fever Stand Up Paddleboarding

Welcome to Ocean Fever. We are a dedicated Stand Up Paddleboard Company and we’re nuts about Paddle Boarding. Ocean Fever is more than just a Stand Up Paddleboard Company; it is a way of life. Ocean Fever is dedicated to creating awareness and increasing enjoyment of the fastest growing water sport and to uniting the ever-growing community of paddlers around the world.

That previous paragraph says it all, really. That’s why we’re here. We love Paddle Boarding, we’re totally committed to it, and we want to do our bit to bring Paddle Boarding to everyone. And there’s no better way to do that than to offer fantastic products and designs.

Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing recreational activity in the world, and it’s here to stay! Our goal at Ocean Fever is to purely inspire a movement by sharing our love of Paddle Boarding with as many people as possible.

We are pioneers when it comes to Paddleboard Apparel. What sets us apart from others is our 100% commitment to just Paddle Boarding and we spend time refining the quality of our product designs to get them to generate the feel of Paddle Boarding.

In a nutshell:

Ocean Fever Paddleboard Co offers apparel, equipment and apparel, has its own clothing range too and also is the world’s first paddleboard exclusive travel company and even has its own paddleboard enthusiast website all with a core focus on the recreational and fun aspects of this sport.  Our main goal is to offer a premium Paddle Boarding brand which truly represents a “lifestyle”; a lifestyle consisting of health, adventure, fun, and freedom. Ocean Fever offers the ultimate for exploration, discovery, fitness, and individual expression.  Our designs are different because they have characteristics unique only to Paddle Boarding.