The Team

Wesley Baker Ocean Fever

Led by waterman, and eager Paddle Boarder, Longboard Surfer, Dock Jumper, Paddle crazy and Hang Ten Barnacle Wesley Baker, Ocean Fever Paddle Board Co. works day in and day out to make sure you have the most fun experience and enjoy paddling the right way!

Wesley is a Longboard Surfing and Paddle Board enthusiast, pioneer and entrepreneur. In 1994 he had his first dedicated full surfing business and set his sights on the Surfing industry and was very fortunate that his family trips overseas inspired him to pursue the water sports world. Wesley has surfed since 1975 and formerly founded and owned one of the most dynamic surf travel companies for over 12 years taking over 600’000 surfers to 46 worldwide destinations including naming a few for the first time. He has written and been published within international Surfing publications including specialist Surfing magazines not only in his name but in his alias writers name.

Ocean Fever isn’t just a brand name it’s a family. Sure, you can travel with us, rent or buy a board from us, wear our clothing and never come back. That’s the exception, rather than the rule. You will find Wesley is always eager to talk Paddle Boarding or Surfing with you whatever time of day, Wes grows on you, and he and Ocean Fever are hard to get rid of. Not that we want to!

You can read more about Wesley on his own website