What is SUP

paddleboarding_ocean_fever_surfWhat is Stand Up Paddleboarding often referred to as SUP?

Stand up paddleboarding has its roots where all board sports have their beginnings, in Hawaii. Known as Hoe he’e nalu, stand up paddle surfing actually has ancient roots but became popular in modern times among surf instructors and photographers trying to get a higher vantage point than the surface of the water.

Basically, Paddleboarding uses a surf style board and a long paddle. In that regard it is a cross between canoeing and surfing. While originally made popular by surfers, SUP is not only for surfing any longer. Stand up paddling can be done in a variety of forms such as on flat water protected lakes to easy beach paddling, to open water paddling, cruising down a river, and all the way to surfing waves.


How to Get Started in SUP

Here is what I recommend for beginners. First, anyone wishing to learn to stand up paddleboard should take a lesson and rent gear a couple of times. Try out different boards and see what you like best. Get out there and paddle board!” – We couldn’t agree more.