Clothing Range

Here at Ocean Fever Paddleboard Co. we have worked hard on some classic clothing apparel designs that we feel you will simply appreciate and want to be seen in, and following our research we have also add for those of you that surf some as well a few surf designs as a bonus.

Being seen to be a Paddleboarder is important it is an identity and is the first main product developed by Ocean Fever, it makes us exclusive as the world’s first true Stand Up Paddleboard clothing line, others will follow but we are a Paddleboard company exclusively and not a surf, skate or other brand trying to sell you products, our clothing is produced “By Paddleboarders, For Paddleboarders Only”.

Design 1 – Classic Ocean Fever Paddleboard


Design 2 – Catch a Wave, Go Paddleboard


Design 3 – Take a Stand Up Paddleboard Ride


Design 4 – Break Free Take A Glide